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"Doing His Part To, 'Keep Austin Weird!'"
                                              -Austin American-Statesman

Looking for a way to entertain the children in your life? Look no further than Magician John Maverick. His friendly demeanor and slight of hand trickery make him a hit wherever children gather.

Call today to find out more about the "Super Awesome Birthday Party Magic Show"
This 45 minute show is our most popular Birthday Party experience. Magic, music and comedy work together to stimulate young imaginations and keep the children (and adults) laughing. Through out the show, John Maverick digs through his box of tricks in search of his "Favorite Magic Trick" which keeps eluding him. Many tricks are performed on the way to finding the one he is looking for. The birthday child saves the day by creating the magic needed for John Maverick's "Favorite Magic Trick", making your child the hero.

John Maverick on birthdays.

To a child, the most magical day of the year is their birthday. It is the one day when they can actually see themselves grow. There is no better way to mark this occasion than with a Magician. I know from experience that a Magician can make a birthday party memorable. I had a Magician at my fifth birthday. I can still remember how I felt when I was asked to help the Magician in front of all my friends. After the trick, they all clapped and I felt like I was the most important person in the world. A large part of the John Maverick Birthday Party Show is directed at showcasing the birthday boy or girl. This attention insures that they will remember this birthday for a very long time.

To see John in action, click here!

You can book John Maverick for you next event by calling John Maverick Magic at (512) 981-5646 or you can email John at Maverick(at)John-Maverick(dot)com.

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