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"Doing His Part To, 'Keep Austin Weird!'"
                                              -Austin American-Statesman

The John Maverick Store

The John Maverick Magic Kit

The John Maverick Magic Kit is a full show in a box. Complete with an Instructional DVD and 2 Magic Books, you will learn over 101 magic tricks! Be the first kid on your block be become a Real Magician! Ages 8+

Price $45.00

The John Maverick Deck of Cards

These were originally bought solely as business cards but people quickly started asking for full decks to play cards with. They come with either Red or Black backs. As an added bonus I will include instructions for two "user-friendly" card tricks, one of which can only be done with these special cards. What a deal!


Back Color

Amazing Magic Tricks For Kids

Hey Kids! Learn magic the way John Maverick did, from a book! In this 36 page book you will learn dozens of tricks that use math, science and optical illusions to fool your friends, teachers and even parents!


The John Maverick Coin Slider

Amaze your friends with this black box of Mystery. Put a coin in the box and when you open the box only a moment later, the coin has vanished. Close the box again and wave your hand, the coin returns!


The John Maverick Fortune Telling Fish

Put this little guy in your hand and he can tell you your fortune. Sounds fishy? Wait until you see him at work!


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