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                                              -Austin American-Statesman

R.I.P. The Great Scott


So yesterday was my 25th birthday. 20 years ago "The Great Scott" gave me my first taste of magic when he came to my fifth birthday party. I was hooked. Last night when I got home from my party there was a message on my answering machine from another magician who said that he had, "bad news." I immediately knew what had happened. For the past week Scott had been in the ICU with congestive heart failure. He quietly passed yesterday afternoon.

Fred "The Great Scott" Donaldson was more than the old man that first showed me magic. When I was a teenager I would go to his magic shop and spend my "gas money" on magic. Then do street magic so I had enough gas to get home. When I turned professional he was not only inspiration but instruction. He helped me mold my show, not only by giving me ideas to try but also by telling me stories of massive failures. He only saw me perform once and after the show I walked right up to him and I said, "I blame you for that." He just laughed and accepted it as a complement.

We all have people who inspire us when we are young, or not so young, that mold us into the people we become. Some of those people we never meet, others are around us everyday. Cherish those who inspire you even those from a disatnce because they are the reasons you are who you are. We pick up quircks, fashons, a trade, whatever they have to offer and it becomes us. Once that part of them is in your blood, they will never die. "The Great Scott" is not dead. He lives in every magic trick I do.

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